Pulse of The People: Operation SNIP is a success

Opinion by Lynn M. Kopka & Deb Henderson
The Record, March 18, 2013

Operation Snip Round II occurred on Feb. 17 at Troy Veterinary Hospital. Round II followed the initial spring 2012 round of 150 cats receiving spay/neuter services. The successful spay/neuter/return of more than 50 Troy cats was a collaboration among many animal rescue groups, Troy Veterinary Hospital and many dedicated volunteers. The focus was on Lansingburgh, with trapping sites determined by residents of the ‘Burgh and the city’s animal control officer.

We partnered with another TNR (trap/neuter/return) program to address an overpopulation problem in one location. More than 50 cats from that location also were part of the program on Feb. 17, for a grand total of more than 100 cats receiving spay/neuter services on one day.

Troy Vet Hospital selected the late winter date as the optimum time to spay females prior to kitten season. This will significantly reduce the number of kittens born this spring to feral moms. The goal of Operation Snip is to reduce the overpopulation of feral cats living in alleys and abandoned structures throughout Troy.

Our day began at 7 a.m. as the cats were transported to Troy Vet and ended with the last cat coming off the operating table at 7:45 p.m. The Troy Veterinary Hospital vets and vet techs were outstanding — and standing all day — as the cats went through intake, assessment, shots, testing and surgery. The vets worked in shifts and at least three cats were on operating tables at any one time. Snip volunteers prepared the cats for return to their “homes.”

Operation Snip’s Feb. 17 clinic was a milestone in the number of ferals done in one day, the number of animal groups participating (whether through donating traps and other equipment or trapping or transporting) and the level of commitment and generosity of Troy Veterinary Hospital. The Mohawk Hudson Humane Society and SCRUFF loaned surgical packs for the day. Troy Veterinary Hospital vets, vet techs and staff donated their time and skills all day. The teams assigned to each of the more than 10 trapping sites worked tirelessly to get as many cats as possible enrolled in Snip. Our network of volunteers grows with each round.

Operation Snip thanks everyone involved with the successful Feb. 17 spay/neuter clinic.

Operation Snip
Lynn M. Kopka
Deb Henderson
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