Operation SNIP to get city’s feral cat population under control

By Andrew Beam
The Record,  March 24, 2012

TROY — City Council President Lynn Kopka officially announced her Operation SNIP program on Friday with the hopes it will temper the growing population of feral cats throughout the city.

Kopka was joined by Brad Shear, executive director of the Mohawk-Hudson Humane Society, Animal Control Officer Kevin McDonough and several volunteers who will help in wrangling up some of the thousands of feral cats spread out across the city.

“There could be 20,000 in the city,” Shear said of the amount. “It’s not abnormal in a city like this.”

Once a cat is recovered, it will not only be spayed or neutered, depending on the gender, but also be vaccinated, have its ear clipped so it can be tracked later and will be returned to where it was originally found.

Kopka said this is more of a preventive measure as keeping the cats from being able to reproduce can help in reducing the feral cat population.

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