Program to cut feral cat growth
Goal of Operation Snip in Troy is to reduce number of animals by spaying and neutering

By Kenneth C. Crowe II
Times Union, March 21, 2012

TROY — Hidden away in the city’s alleys and vacant buildings dwells an unseen world of feral cats.

Occasionally, one of those felines darts across a yard or dashes down an alley.

Since 1998, Lynn Kopka has struggled to get feral cats living around her Washington Park neighborhood, spayed, neutered and vaccinated. The objective is to slowly reduce the population by limiting the cats’ ability to reproduce.

“I’ve been doing it at a local level. Let’s see if we can do this citywide,” said Kopka, the longtime leader of the Washington Park Association.

When Kopka campaigned successfully last year to win election as City Council president, she learned that residents citywide were concerned about feral cats. That was the genesis of Operation Snip.

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